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Name:pHQeHBih Cafe st#lnards&a8230;Odiver’s latest post touched on something I’ve been thinking about for a while: Social networks competing on features and a portable social graph. The way I’ve been thinking about it is a bit more conceptual though. My point is this:…
Data / Hora:13/03/2017 21:37:16

Name:yLjJPXoK Son contento del giusto esito di questa assurda vicenda, ma se mi soffermo a riflettere sulla frase ‘Domanda di grazia’, mi sembra una cosa abnorme, esagerata, degna di ben altri reati. E pensare che ci sono persone con ben altre colpe che gironzolano indisturbate per la città. Forse si deve registrare meglio il mirino quando si incolpano le persone. Vai Sallusti, la libertà è un tuo diritto e ai miei occhi non hai bisogno di alcuna grazia per essere una persona rispettabile, per ber.benunosaetta
Data / Hora:13/03/2017 19:57:47

Name:cUyeKDYS What a great site indeed comments content news constantly up to date and qutaily,this site now and much faster high-quality and fast site that comments are always up to date, admin really want to thank us, it's thanks to such a beautiful site comments we gain knowledge we
Data / Hora:13/03/2017 07:47:06

Name:pLGHdNdoA Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days stugnrligg
Data / Hora:06/08/2016 23:41:10

Name:YaUnAnxL every israeli leader has tried to run out the clock, I don't think that has worked too well and it has made Is93&le#ar;s position worse year after yearit will only get worse from here on in
Data / Hora:14/05/2016 19:33:44

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