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Name:JEwhkLAP >We born not knwniog, are we born knwniog all?We growing wiser, are we just growing tall?Can you read thoughts? Can you read palms?Can you predict the future? Can you see storms, coming?
Data / Hora:24/11/2015 17:56:44

Name:NNgeEflSMwzh Margarita sirva el presente sola para slaudarte y desearte un mes exitoso, lleno de bendiciones, sabes? hace ya algunos meses que tengo la fortuna de escuchar tus programas, me llegan por internet y los oigo en la oficina, de verdad me han apoyado mucho en momentos complicados, solo queria expresarte mi gratitud .Saludos.Myr.
Data / Hora:24/11/2015 17:46:28

Name:waXlJwfAaP Nowadays we can observe in firms that peolpe waste a lot of working time, I think that Lean is positive but could be a problem if peolpe donb4t know manage it. People waste a lot of time put information to help peolpe but some peolpe doesnb4t mind and donf1t observe the information, and in meetings there are,normally, more peolpe tnan should a0be and they are listening some points which they donb4t mind and they are wasting time, meetings should realise with less peolpe and only take into account topics which you are interested and affect you
Data / Hora:24/11/2015 17:39:15

Name:LbncRIEtuIp Local seawater and the acatul potatoes themselves may contribute to their unique taste. You didnt describe the recipe in question but I did find this one:Papas Arrugadas:
Data / Hora:24/11/2015 17:31:02

Name:Qeuiqamg Love your engagement shots! Chris dnfteiiely did a marvelous job capturing the spontaneity, friendship, and ultimately the love you both share. Indeed, you both braved the cold weather but it was well worth the memories you now will have to cherish. Love you both! Cheers to the memories being made and captured!
Data / Hora:24/11/2015 17:27:57

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